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Getting Goosebumps: Talent Attraction Through Storytelling

This week NU Creative Talent attended ‘Getting Goosebumps: Talent Attraction Through Storytelling’, held at LinkedIn's HQ.    Aside from being completely astounded by their plush offices...

Demand for Web Developers is now Outstripping Availability

Since Britain's economic downturn in 2008, the levels of unemployment, redundancy and pay freezes were startling. In its peak, hundreds of individuals have been chasing...

Our top tips for design portfolios

Our Top Tips for Design Portfolios   As a designer it’s imperative that your CV and portfolio showcase your skills and represents the best of your...

Writing a cover letter made easy

Writing A Cover Letter Made Easy   If you've ever tried to write a cover letter you'll know it can be a pretty tricky business. There...

What's a good CV?

A good CV is essential to finding a job, but whats a good CV?   My aim here is to give you practical* advice on your...

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